Advertising barricades and interchangeable message boards allow you to change the messages you communicate to drivers and pedestrians quickly and easily. Perfect to use in front of store doorways, on street corners or at events to display information in an eye-catching way.  Barricades are typically painted white and not very interesting thus covering the barricades in full color graphics not only makes them more attractive and appealing, but of ten creates a strong impact on their audience. Advertising on the barricade brands the space while it’s under construction and helps advertise new store openings.


Create anticipation for a new outlet featuring your product or take advantage of vacant storefronts within shopping malls by branding these barricades in your image. These wraps can be sleek and colorful, popping out to each and every pedestrian shopper passing by the thousands in top markets.


Mall barricades have the advantage of being up close in the radius of repeat consumers who will undoubtedly be waiting the arrival of your exciting product. Transform a plain, black barricade into an eye-catching art piece of your own.


Installing a simple scaffolding banner with eye catching graphics to carry your commercial message sends out a clear message that stands out and cuts through the surrounding clutter from day one of any renovation project. And in most cases there is no requirement for local authority planning consent.


Scaffold advertising banners and decorative scaffold covers applied to site hoardings deliver results. A scaffold banner appears on the outside of a construction or building site and can be used as an advertising or message board. Scaffold screening may also be used during a shop revamp or other building construction or renovation projects. Hoardings serve more than a single purpose - scaffold banners may increase the aesthetics of a building site so that passers-by do not have to see the work behind the scenes, and at the same time, marketing or advertising messages may be placed.


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TEL: 1.888.571.4737